Connect DPD

Explanation about the integration between DPD and ShopLinkr

Last update on August 21, 2023

Attention: This link is only functional if you have concluded your own contract with DPD. If you do not yet have a contract with DPD, we request you to contact their sales department.

Follow the steps below to establish a connection between DPD and ShopLinkr. No technical knowledge is required for this procedure. The first step involves obtaining the Shipper WS data from the CustomerIT department of DPD. You can reach them via, where you will receive a username and password.

Connect DPD to ShopLinkr

  1. In ShopLinkr, go to "Settings” —> "Carriers” and click on “Connect carrier”.

  1. Select “DPD” as the type.

  2. Then fill in the “username” and “password” of your DPD account.

  3. Enter your address details, from this address the shipping labels will be sent.

  4. Click on “Connect”.

The delivery options of all open orders will be retrieved again, this may take a few minutes.

From this moment on, ShopLinkr is the only place where you need to create your shipping labels.