Getting Started

Create a bundle

Creating a bundle is easy and simple.

Last update on September 13, 2023

As the name suggests, with the "Product Bundle" feature you can bundle products. Imagine: you sell a phone and a charger. You sell these products separately, but you also want to sell them as a bundle (for example, with a bundle discount). Then you create a product bundle. There are then 3 products in ShopLinkr: the phone, the charger, and the product bundle. The product bundle is therefore a combination of the 2 products.

How do I create a product bundle?

  1. Create a new product in your sales channel. This product will be your product bundle. Include a title, price, image, etc. as usual. For example: "Phone + Charger Bundle".

  2. Navigate to the product page of this new product (your product bundle) in ShopLinkr.

  3. Edit the product and check the Bundle box.

  4. Click Update Product. The product is now a product bundle! But there are no "sub-products" in the product bundle yet. This means the product bundle is currently empty.

  5. On the product bundle page, click Add Products in the "Sub-products" section.

  6. Select the product you want to add.

  7. Enter the quantity. This is how many times the product appears in the product bundle.

  8. Click Add Product.

The stock of the product bundle is calculated based on the stock of the sub-products. For example, if you have 10 phones, but only 6 chargers, the product bundle will have a stock of 6 (assuming you indicate that both products appear once in the product bundle) because it is only possible to sell this bundle 6 times.

What happens when the product bundle is ordered?

Once the product bundle is ordered, all individual sub-products will decrease in stock (by the quantity you set). This will of course also adjust the stock of the product bundle.

What happens when a product that is in a bundle is ordered?

Once a product is ordered, the stock of that product will be adjusted. But also the stock of all product bundles that contain this product. This way you never have to worry about the stock of your product bundles again. You can set it up once and you don't have to worry about it anymore!