Getting Started

Getting started with ShopLinkr

In this manual, we will explain to you how to best get started with using ShopLinkr.

Last update on August 13, 2023

Once you've started the free trial, you can start using ShopLinkr right away! You have access to all functionalities.

First, it's best to link a sales channel. This will give you direct access to all of your products and inventory from that channel.

Link your sales channel

To link your sales channel, go to this page, here, where all articles on how to link your sales channel are located. Once you link a sales channel, your products with inventory will be available on ShopLinkr. This process may take up to 30 minutes. Once everything is in place, ShopLinkr is the place to manage all of your inventory.

Link your carrier

With a carrier, you can process orders directly from ShopLinkr. You can choose a shipping option for each order (or in bulk) and then process those orders. Shipping labels will be created with the selected carrier. These labels will then be available directly with the order and can be easily exported (in bulk), so you can print them with your (label) printer. Go to this page to learn how to link your carrier.